Hello and welcome to Britpop Beauty Academy. A new  beauty academy in Leeds.

I'm Virginia, A French Beauty Graduate of Leeds Printworks University.

For the last few years I have been managing a successful beauty salon in Leeds which has flourished in business thanks to its great reputation and high level services. To the point where even during the pandemic I was able to keep it running and earn my way.

Throughout my life I've always been driven by my passions, and I've always been meticulous with the details.

For me the customer experience is also key. It's one thing to attract customers, but to have them return again and again requires the highest quality services. Services that not only make the customer want to return, but also good enough to be recommended to their friends and/or family.

It's for this reason I have decided to share my knowledge and expertise for those who are looking to get a foothold in the industry, or even just to learn a part of it they have yet to master.

This is where Britpop Beauty Academy comes in.

Through my Academy I can help to give you the tools and knowledge needed to really make an impact on the beauty industry.

I have a list of professional courses ready to take your skills to the next step. So what are you waiting for!?

Sign up to Britpop Beauty Academy today!